VFD Cable

VFD Power Cable

Conductor:  Class B stranded, uncoated annealed copper conforming to ASTM B-3 and B-8.

Insulation: Each conductor is insulated with black Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLP) conforming to UL Standard 44 for Type RHH/RHW-2.

Color Coding: Each conductor is black and printed with its conductor number in accordance with ICEA Method 4.

Ground Wires: Three Class B stranded, un-coated annealed copper conforming to ASTM B-3 and B-8.

Cable Assembly:  The three conductors and three ground wires are cabled with non-hygroscopic fillers.

Shield:  A 5 mil un-coated copper tape is helically wrapped over the twisted assembly with a 50% (nominal) overlap. The shield shall be in contact with the ground wire.

Outer Jacket:  A black, flame retardant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) jacket meeting the requirements of UL Standard 1277 is applied.

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