Kevin Druffel Joins DWC

Written By: Dannion King

Posted September 19, 2023


In this Q&A session, we had the privilege of sitting down with Kevin to delve into his personal and professional journey. As he embarks on his new role at DWC, we explore his roots, educational background, and the wealth of experience that shaped his career. Kevin's journey as a former DWC customer brings a unique perspective to his vision for DWC's future.

The Monthly Wire: Where did you grow up? Kevin Druffel: Grew up in Chicago IL, Currently reside in St Louis TMW: What is your educational background? KD: Graduated from University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) with business administration with an emphasis in finance.

TMW: Give a quick summary/highlight reel of your career prior to joining DWC: KD: I was a DWC customer for the past 5 years. I worked in electrical distribution focusing on end user customers. (state & local government, hospitals, colleges, data centers)

TMW: What got you into sales? KD: Sales suits me well. I enjoy building relationships and helping people achieve their goals. Each day is different which keeps things interesting. TMW: What was it about DWC that appealed to you? Was there anything specific about the opportunity to join DWC that inspired you to make this the next stop in your career? KD: Being a loyal DWC customer over the past 5 years really showed me the excellent service the account managers provide. I was really impressed and excited to get to work with them. TMW: How is DWC different from other companies that you’ve worked for? KD: DWC has a strong employee culture. Everyone is super helpful and wants the best for themselves, the customers, and the company. TMW: Let’s step away from work for a second, what are your hobbies and interests during your free time? KD: My hobbies include playing golf, going fishing, and attending my sons sporting events. I am an avid Ole Miss, Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs fan. I try to watch them whenever I can.

TMW: What is your proudest moment? KD: Managing an end user customer nationally. The customer had 40 locations across the United States and handling each location had its challenges since they used different material at each site but it was very rewarding helping that end user manage each project.

TMW: What is your vision for your new position? What would you like to achieve at DWC? KD: My vision for the regional sales manager role is to expand DWC in markets we are not currently in. Continue building relationships with new and current partners.