Flex Your Power - The Advantages of Flexible Tray Cable

Written By: Cody Barrett

Posted September 4, 2023

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For your industrial and manufacturing customers, variations of tray cable are likely one of the more common specialty wire & cable line items that you see on quote requests. VNTC and similar products are reliable staples when it comes to supplying power and linking control modules to industrial machinery. But within the realm of tray cable, flexible tray cable is a specific variation for which we are seeing an uptick in demand at DWC.

Flexible tray cables are built with durability in mind. These cables are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for manufacturing, automation applications, factory control functions, and use in harness assemblies. “Flex tray” comes in both shielded and unshielded configurations which makes them a handy solution for most tray cable applications that call for complex runs, repetitive movements, and durability. Flexible tray cable provides excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics while offering a high degree of durability, reliability, and of course – flexibility.

Some characteristics of flexible tray cable include:

  • A sunlight-resistant, solvent-resistant, and oil-resistant jacket for use in harsh industrial conditions.

  • A PVC jacket for flexibility when cable tray configurations call for tight turns, and when cables are used in harnesses or automation that requires elasticity.

  • No conduit is necessary for installation.

  • Flex tray cables facilitate an easier, more economical installation process due to the malleable characteristics that make cable pulls easier.

  • NEC rated NFPA 79 – for use in industrial machinery and groups of machines working together in a coordinated manner.

  • (UL) listed.

So, the next time you’re helping to assemble a bill of materials for an industrial plant, manufacturing facility, assembly line, or any application where VNTC cables are used, consider flexible tray cable for easy, economical installation and durability. Your customer just might appreciate the advantages that flex tray products can bring to a project!

For more information on flexible tray cable or other specialty wire & cable products, contact your DWC Account Manager today.